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Google’s Toontastic 3D puts animation into kids’ hands

According to Google’s Andy Russell, the latest version of the creation app—which launches globally today—offers a realistic, 3D twist to the age-old appeal of storytelling.

Source: Google’s Toontastic 3D puts animation into kids’ hands

Google is launching Toontastic 3D, a new storytelling app that launches globally today for iOS, Android and select Chromebook devices.

Toontastic 3D lets kids make their own animations (including shorts and classics) based on pre-set options. Users are able to pick settings and characters—from pirates to aliens, to images of themselves. They can perform tasks like shooting off cannons or opening trap doors in order to create storylines. They can also select a mood, which changes the look and adds music. Finally, they can add their own narration to the story.

The original Toontastic, released in 2D animation in 2011, was created by Launchpad Toys, which was acquired by Google in 2015.

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